Skylanders Eye Brawl Figure


About Eye Brawl:

Eye Brawl is unique in that he is actually the combination of two separate Skylanders: the flying Eyeball and the Headless Giant. As legend would have it, Eye Brawl came about because the Headless Giant and the Flying Eyeball challenged each other to a starting contest.

As you can imagine, this did not go over well. The Headless Giant had no eyes, and the Flying Eyeball could not blink! The two warriors fought in the underground world for over a hundred years.

Then, realizing that they would be an unstoppable force if they teamed up, they combined their forces to become one of the most powerful Skylanders ever known.

Eye Brawl’s Stats

Abililities: Starting:Maximum:
Critical Hit50100
Elemental Power25100

Other Eye Brawl Figures:

Currently there are no other Eye Brawl figures available.

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