Skylanders Books

skylanders books

In addition to the incredibly popular video games, Skylanders also has a popular series of books. Here fans of Skylanders can continue following the adventures of their favorite Skylanders characters. In addition to the 3 adventure novels, there are also Skylanders strategy guides, and informational books where you can learn more about the history of the skylands. This is a great way to get your Skylanders-crazed child to get excited about reading! They can spend more time with their favorite characters while expanding their imagination.

Skylanders Adventures Books:

1. Skylanders and the Machine of Doom

Skylanders Book - Machine of Doom


The element of Tech is an ancient one in the Skylands. When the Skylanders learn of an ancient and deadly creature known as the ‘Machine of Doom’, Spyro and the gang set out to find him. However they must hurry, as the evil Kaos wants to get there first!


Skylanders: Mask of Power Book Series

The ‘Mask of Power” book series is a collection of 4 books that take place after ‘Skylanders and the Machine of Doom”, but before the events in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The books are all written by Onk Beakman. The events in all 4 books surround race to recover the elemental fragments of the “Mask of Power” before Kaos can use it to destroy the core of light.

1. Skylanders: Spyro versus the Mega Monsters

skylanders spyro versus the mega monsters

The first book in the series begins with mega-sized creatures appearing all over the place. Spyro and his gang set out to discover what is going on…but Kaos is hot on their tail!.

2. Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

Something strange is happening: all the sea creatures are attacking the people of the Skylands! Even the mermaids have abandoned their home: Last Chance Cove. To solve this mystery, Gill Grunt and his Skylanders friends embark on an incredible adventure.

3. Skylanders: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen


This book features one of my favorite Skylanders: Lightning Rod, as the main character. Lightning Rod teams up with Drobot and Pop Fizz as they visit a mysterious city in search of a new fragment of the mask of power. There they will face off against the Cyclops Queen!

4. Skylanders: Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers

Note that this book is still listed as upcoming. The release date has not yet been released. We will update this post as more information about this book comes in!

When some innocent looking sweet stuff explodes in a Gillman’s face, Terrafin embarks on an incredibly journey to the summit of Junk Mountain. He and his friends Sprocket, Hot Dot and Sonic Boom will face off against Kaos and his minions.

And that’s not all! We’ll continue to add more books: including strategy guides and Elemental Guides as they become available. You can visit our Skylanders Books section for more great titles!

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