Skylanders Giants Figures List

When Skylanders Giants was released in the Fall of 2012, it introduced a new type of Skylander: the Giants. But in addition to the 8 Giants, there was also a bunch of new Skylanders characters who made their first appearance in this game. This list has all the characters who made an appearance in Giants. In addition, we will also list out characters who appear in both Skylanders: Giants and the first game: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure.

Skylanders Giants Characters:

1. Thumpback

Skylanders Giants Figures LIst

Thumpback is the ‘Water Giant’ Skylanders and became a pirate so he could go fishing. You can view Thumpback’s bio, videos, stats and more on his character page.

2. Crusher

Skylanders Giants Crusher Figure

Crusher is the ‘Earth Giant’ Skylander. He uses his hammer, which is also named ‘Crusher’, to crush rocks and minerals from all over the world. Click here to view Crusher’s character page.

3. Bouncer

skylanders giants figures - bouncer

Bouncer belongs to the tech element. He was a famous sports hero who was reprogrammed into becoming a security robot for the Arkeyans. Bouncer rediscovered what it means to be a hero and joined the Giants. Click here for Bouncer’s character page.

4. Ninjini

Skylanders Giants Figures List - Ninjini
Ninjini was a great warrior who was confined to a bottle for hundreds of years. Ninjini grew her power and strength so much that she burst out! Click here to view Ninjini’s full character page.

5. Hot Head

Skylanders Giants Hot Head FigureSkylanders Giants Hot Head Figure

Hot Head is the ‘Fire Giant’, and is known for his short temper. Thanks to a bathing accident, he now has an unlimited supply of fuel for his fire. Click here for Hot Head’s character page.

6. Eyebrawl

skylanders giants figures list

Eye Brawl is actually two different Skylanders: the flying eyeball and the headless giant. But together they form one of the most powerful Skylanders ever. Click here for Eye Brawl’s character page.

7. Tree Rex

Skylanders Giant Tree Rex Figure

Belonging to the element life, Tree Rex lived a quiet, peaceful existence until the Arkeyans began poisoning the soil. Click here to see Tree Rex’s character page.

8. Swarm

Skylanders Giants Swarm Figure

Swarm is the ‘Air Giant’. Swarm is a giant bee from a race of insect warriors. To view Swarm’s full character page, click here.

Here’s a Cool Extended Trailer I found for Skylanders: Giants:

Non-Giant Characters Who First Appear in Skylanders: Giants

There are quite a few regular Skylanders who first appear in Skylanders: Giants. There is also the ‘Lightcore Skylanders’, who make their first appearance in Skylanders: Giants as well.

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