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About Hot Dog:

Hot Dog is a fire puppy that was born in the lava of the popcorn volcano. When the volcano erupted, Hot Dog shot out, and set Gill Grunt’s tent on fire!

He made up for it later by helping the Skylanders complete their mission: he attacked a lava golem! Master Eon praised him for his selfless bravery and made him a Skylander. Hot Dog was over joyed, and celebrated by burying Eon’s staff.

Hot Dog’s Stats

Critical Hit60110
Elemental Power25100

Other Hot Dog Figures:

Hot Dog has a counterpart named Molten Hot Dog. There was also another variation on Hot Dog that was handed out at E3 in 2013. It’s informally referred to as: ‘Color Shift Hot Dog’. It’s a very rare item, although you can find it on eBay (featured below).

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