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About Jet Vac:

Jet Vac was known as the greatest ace in his homeland. Like all sky barons, he was given magical wings as a child. But when his home was attacked, he chose to give his wings to a mother who was trying to save her children by flying to safety.

This brave and unselfish act caught the attention of Master Eon, who seeked out Jet Vac in order to give him a gift: a powerful vacuum device that restored his ability to fly! Now Jet Vac fights alongside the Skylanders.

Jet Vac’s Skylander element is air.

Jet Vac’s Stats

Critical Hit2070
Elemental Power25100

Other Jet Vac Figures:

There are many different Jet Vac Figures out there. Firstly, there’s the Lightcore Jet Vac. There is also a Legendary Jet Vac, and a very rare Blizzard Jet Vac. Jet Vac is also included in the Skylander: Battlegrounds Starter Pack for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Legendary Jet Vac:

Lightcore Jet Vac:

Skylander: Battlegrounds Starter Pack

Skylanders: Dark Spyro

Skylanders: Dark Spyro

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