Skylanders Hex Figure

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About Hex:


Hex is a dark elven sorceress. She can be found in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and is affiliated with the element of the undead. Hex was not always this way, though. Her story starts as a very talented sorceress, someone so talented that the forces of the undead were jealous. The Undead Dragon King, Malefor, was especially envious of her power, and he set out with a plan to have his dark minions kidnap her. Hex had to be careful every place she went. She was constantly avoiding Malefor’s army, running from them or fighting them away to avoid being kidnapped.

One day, it became too much, and Hex decided to go to the underworld herself to defeat Malefor. When she arrived, she saw all of the minions scurrying about. But something was strange – they weren’t attacking her! It was then that she noticed: by entering the undead world, she had become undead herself! In her fury, she let out an extremely powerful attack, successfully defeating Malefor and returning to her normal world. Despite all of this, she was still undead. Many people are afraid of her now because they think she has used her powers for evil. Master Eon trusts her, though, and knows she will only use her powers for good as she helps the Skylanders. Even still, Hex sometimes uses her spooky and mysterious power to strike fear into her enemies!

Hex’s Stats

Critical Hit3080
Elemental Power25100

Other Hex Figures:

There is a very rare ‘Pearl Hex’ that was handed out at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. It’s a rare collectible item so it is difficult to find (one is featured below).

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See Hex in Action!

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