Skylanders Giants - Exclusive Fright Rider Glow In The Dark

AmazonThis exclusive and rare glow in the dark variant of Fright Rider has a limited production run and is a must for any collection.
Rider and his magnificent ostrich, Fright, were the finest jousting team in all of Skylands. But after winning the championship for the 3rd straight year, a jealous competitor placed a curse on the elf that sent him to the Land of the Undead. Not wanting to be without his partner, Fright, who up until this point had been afraid of nearly everything, ate a bag of skele-oats that turned him into a skeleton so that he could brave the journey to the underworld to save his friend. Grateful for being rescued, Fright Rider returned to the surface dedicated to helping others - while still dominating an occasional jousting tournament from time to time!



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